Friday, October 10, 2008

3rd Stage

Tail Block, Neck Block, Braces and Kerfing

Tail block: I had to sand two corners of one side of the tail block at a angle of 30 degrees and the other was slightly curved, these were both done on the sander.

Neck Block: The neck block just like the tail block had one side at 30 degrees and a curved side. The neck block required a trench to be removed. This is a dovetail joint and the neck joins in here. Using the mortise i removed the trench which is to be the dovetail joint. After this was removed i had use the grinder to have a slant on the sides of the joint. this was done using a specially designed jig.

Braces: For the back plate i needed to make four braces which give the back its durability. I had to create four different ones using the plans and chisel and scaper. It took a long time but it's worth because of the importance of the braces. Each brace is slightly curved at the bottom to give the curved back of the guitar.

Kerving: The kerfing is flexible strips of wood that join onto the sides of the guitar and provide a bond between the plates and sides. They were created by getting a strip of wood that was cut at slant. Using the chop saw i cut continuous slits into the wood 5mm apart and at set depth all the way along the wood. The result was avery flexible strip of wood, i had to cut four lengths of wood.

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